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ServSafe Class & Exam

Daily Class & Test available

in Newton or Cambridge!

Please call/text 617-216-3830 to schedule your class or exam as well as make a payment.

ServSafe Manager

Option 1: IN Person Test Proctoring

  • Fee: $96
  • ServSafe manager exam - Online.
  • Test result is available right after the session.
  • RSVP by text/call 617-216-3830

Option 2: In Person Class + In Person Test Proctoring

  • Fee: $159
  • 3 hour Class + 1.5 hour online exam proctoring
  • Free online ServSafe textbook summary by email.
  • Test result available right after the exam.
  • RSVP by text/call 617-216-3830



Due to coronavirus concerns,

We’re offering Interactive Online Classes via Zoom daily from 9AM to 1pm during weekdays. These classes will be highly interactive, including one-on-one contact with me, your certified ServeSafe instructor. Each session will include practice questions, introductions to and reviewing of the material at hand. That being said, the ServSafe exam is a proctored exam and is still required to be taken at the Newton or Cambridge location at a later date.

Your reservation for the Online Class and Exam will be confirmed after we receive your online payment.

The confirmation of the class, the Zoom classroom link, and ServSafe study guide will be emailed to each participant.

  • Fee: $169
  • 4 hour class daily from 9AM to 1PM
  • Free Online Servsafe textbook summary by email.
  • Test result is available right after the exam.
  • RSVP Text/call 617-216-3830.

Option 4: Class & Exam in Chinese, Korean, Spanish or Japanese

  • Fee: $199 for Printed exam
  • 3 hour training.
  • ServSafe manager exam - Online or Print depending on availability.
  • Online ServSafe guide.
  • Test result is available right after the session for Online Exam.
  • RSVP by call/text 617-216-3830

Option 5: Take ServSafe Class & Exam at your Facility!

Are you too busy & can not come to us?  Not a problem!

Take the class at your facility! As you make your reservation, let us know your date, time and location of your class.
Fee: $100/trip

Up to 20 mile, regardless of how many participants. RSVP by call/Text 617-216-3830.


ServSafe Alcohol

Proctoring Fee: $60

RSVP by call/text 617-216-3830.

RSVP by text/call 617-216-3830

No refund for confirmed class or exam.

Rescheduling fee of $30 for confirmed class or exam.

For more information, please text/call 617-216-3830.




226 California street, Newton, MA 02458, 171 River st, suite3, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States
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